Honey Montana

Kath & Kim

Honey Montana


 The west top drag stars performing live on Saturday Nights on a rotation basis
The all new Drag Saturdays in the West are Back! Come early for cheap and yummo meals, and stay on for camp drag shows. Each week brings you 10 diverse performers and special quests and DJs to entertian you with four shows throughtoutthe night. Recent performers and hosts include Misfit, Ivana Kebab, Kara Tea Starr, Priscilla Posely, Stella Roadkill, Honey Montana, Tia Maria, Glity Minge, Kara Tea Starr, Jacqueline Micheal, Salzza Dipp, Claire Taurus, Miss Jessica Rabbitand More.Check Facebook for updates and specials Free entry til 10pm $5 after.


Only place in west that does Drag awesome staff and kitchen reopened and food is better then before $5 (Groupon Only) parmas and $9 burgers.Each saturday 10 Drags/Trans on stage where else does such a diverse casting. The Drag Stars of Tomorrow brings new breed of Drag to the stage



Kara Tea Starr

Playgirl Mansion